My Approach & Areas of Focus

My Approach to Facilitation

I create processes and offer queries that positively impact culture, leadership, a sense of purpose, and the structure of organizations through:

  • self-reflection
  • opportunities for deep dives into authentic communication with others,
  • and explorations of how their world views and values impact their communication, interpersonal and professional relationships.

These processes are designed to engage individuals on a physical, mental, emotional, and creative level. And they help individuals to identify how their actions are in alignment with their own or their company or team’s values, providing a springboard for exploration of how to move forward individually and collectively. It is the expertise and wisdom of the individual and the group that guides the process and the outcome. I serve as a steward, an anchor, a deep listener, and a reflection of confidence in their ability to do the work and find their way through to the next steps.

I offer the opportunity to explore the ‘both/and’ inside of places of tension, creating facilitated structures and space that give freedom to step into and imagine what currently feels impossible. This allows for the intersection of one’s (or a team’s) vision to meet and merge into the pragmatics of strategic planning for success that aligns with their ultimate purpose. These processes are sprinkled with opportunities to learn and practice tools that allow for more thoughtful, mindful, and reflective approaches to enhancing their professional lives, curated specifically to their needs.

Does managing the tension of different viewpoints and strong emotions create discomfort for you or do you sometimes feel at a loss for how to navigate a difficult conversation?

Skillful conversations that lead to deeper understanding and long-lasting change require strengthening the muscles for self-reflection as well as practical skill-building. Our work together in this area may include:

  • Building capacity for multiple truths
  • Languaging – say what you mean, mean what you say
  • Exploring intention vs. impact
  • Uncovering implicit bias
  • Development of active listening skills
  • The foundational elements to manage difficult conversations
  • Exploration of conflict management models to support small or large group dialogues

Do you find it challenging to provide effective feedback and to support trust and openness among the individuals and teams you work with? 

Effective feedback begins with leaders who listen. Explore how to:

  • Develop your own deep listening skills
  • Create an environment that values learning from mistakes over perfection
  • Cultivate the art of giving and receiving feedback

Are there sensitive, complex, or strategic team conversations and planning that you feel uncertain about how to approach?

Working with a skilled facilitator helps the entire team to engage ownership, strengthen collaborative skills, and models how to foster an inclusive process for all.

I help you to navigate difficult areas such as:

  • Productively navigating time-sensitive dialogues.
  • Thoughtfully managing confidential dialogues.
  • Enacting complex or long-term decision-making processes.
  • Crafting and/or revising short and long-term strategic plans.