LGBTQIA+Spiritual Care

What is Spiritual Accompaniment?

Spiritual Accompaniment is the process of contemplative listening carried out in the context of a one-to-one trusting and confidential relationship. It is the act of bearing witness to, holding reflective spaces for, and calling forth the wisdom of the individual in service of transformation in their life and work. As a trained Spiritual Director, I journey with you, listening to your life story with an ear for the movement of the spirit or sacred, offering supportive responses as appropriate and encouraging reflection about new paths of growth within the journey of your life.

Our time together may include opportunities for meditations and visualizations, space for you to share what is alive for you, and to reflect on how Spirit/Higher Power/the Mysterious Divine is interlaced with and rooting you in your life. Deep listening, questions, and reflections support you in exploring what you’re seeking to understand about yourself, the world around you, and what you need.

What Should I Talk About In Spiritual Accompaniment?

Spiritual Accompaniment welcomes all parts of your life into the fold for reflection, observation, listening, and exploring. Perhaps you are seeking refuge and nourishment in your work within social justice movements . . . or are raising a child and reflecting on the values you wish to grow in them or the tools you wish to provide for them as they look towards the future . . . maybe you are unfolding a new chapter in your gender identity or sexual orientation and are seeking a space of affirmation, acceptance, and celebration . . . perhaps you are deconstructing the culture and religion(s) you were raised in . . . or stepping into a spiritual path or tradition for the first time . . . maybe you are walking with your aging parents and seeking space to be held and heard in the grief, joy, and myriads of emotions that this brings . . . or finding yourself feeling swept away by the tidal waves of changes in western civilization impacting the natural world around us, our right to bodily autonomy, and a viable climate for the generations ahead. All of this, and more, is welcomed and can be held in the space of Spiritual Accompaniment …

What Can I Expect?

Our first meeting is an introductory opportunity for you and me to learn more about each other and about spiritual accompaniment; this first meeting is free and lasts approximately 30 minutes. Once you have determined that you would like to continue your journey with me, we will set aside time once a month for 6 months for 60 – 75 minutes. Each session will include dedicated space for you to provide feedback at the end to better support your needs and our work together. This work is available on a sliding scale from $30 – $100/session); barters are welcome if there is a financial barrier.

What Is Your Spiritual Background?

Spiritual Accompaniment has been around for centuries, though often rooted in western traditions. While my own personal practices are earth-based in their ways, I am familiar with many Western, Eastern, and earth-based traditions. In my own personal journey of exploring the sacred over the past 20 years as well as my studies in spiritual direction from Still Harbor, I have come to personally understand the value and the need to be accompanied in these thresholds of life and growth. I offer to you the space for individual self-reflection, connection, and exploration regardless of where you are in your journey or your religious or spiritual groundings.