Entrepreneurial Collaborations

At the heart of my work is the joy and power of engaging in creative entrepreneurial collaborations to co-create spaces, relationships, and experiences that strengthen communities and cultivate a deep and meaningful space for interconnection and resilience. Below is a sampling of some of my current collaborative work.

The Bombyx Fellows – (Facilitation & Spiritual Direction) This program is designed for younger adults, ages 26-40, who are working and making their lives in the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts. We aim to develop a network of alumni who can continue to support one another long-term, both professionally and personally.  We intend this program for those who have never belonged to a particular religion, or who feel like they’ve outgrown their childhood faith but have found nowhere to explore a more adult faith. Equally, those who have found institutional belonging challenging, even hurtful, but are curious about multiple spiritual approaches would also find this valuable. 

Yet Another Queer Pop-Up Market – (Co-Founder & Organizer) A fledgling pop-up market centering LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and emerging artisans and makers exploring their craft in Western MA. We believe there is always room for more spaces to support the financial success of makers in our community. Our goal is to provide the additional support we’ve been looking for in preparing for a craft or maker market as a newbie.

Rooted Resilience & Deep Listening Circles in Partnership with Luc Abbott of Bloom Local – (Co-Founder, Host & Editor) Rooted Resilience explores the intersection of place, person, and identity through the cyclic lens of the seasons. Our conversations invite entrepreneurs, artists, healers, and leaders living in western Massachusetts to reflect on how their work builds a sense of place within the community and how that rooted connection informs their own understandings of identity and interconnection. Launching Spring 2024 on Substack and Buzzfeed platforms.

Enfleshed: Sacred Incantations – Rituals of Trans Wisdom for Every Season – (Contributing Artist) Sacred Incantations is a repository of trans wisdom, offering support through each season.  May this deck cast spells for our blooming.  May it root us in our aspirations, and accompany us in germinating and decaying.  May this deck be a portal of possibility–for you, and for us.

We celebrate the 70 trans, two-spirit, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, and other expansively non-cis contributors to this multispiritual project, and the vast and varied particularities held within this collaboration. And, beautifully, we recognize the constellation of our people is far more manifold and multiple than any one project can encompass. We encourage you to adapt these rituals to meet the access needs and shifting contexts of your life, your bodymind, and the community spaces in which you gather. May you also feel empowered to craft your own–there are infinite possibilities for ritualizing our ordinary, daily, messy, sacred lives.