Element Medicine Series

Water Medicine

An exploration of the relationship of water as medicine. 

The healing of the earth begins at the center of our own life. The water of Mother Earth carries life to us, as women carry life through our bodies. This piece was drawn utilizing the motion of creating repetitive marks to create the variations of color within the image. This meditative practice serves as a prayer for each person at the center of their own life, for our relationship to this life-giving element, and for water. The image is from a photograph taken at Plum Island Beach in Newburyport, MA.

prismacolor and verithin pencil/canson drawing paper

Stone Medicine

An exploration of stones as medicine and our historic destruction of the natural world. 

The healing of the Earth begins at the center of our own life. Stones carry the history of all who have lived before us in their minerals, forms, and locations. And yet, for many the stones across our landscape are nothing more than a nuisance or something for us to relocate without reverence or care. This temporary sculptural installation was created by collecting stones from various places within my community, during which I offered my gratitude and asked permission to remove them from their location. Then, using a permanent ink pen, I drew the symbol of a target, also known as the symbol for Earth, on each stone as commentary on our destruction and as a marker to their eternal and integral relationship to the land we live on. This meditative practice serves as a prayer for each person at the center of their own life, and for our relationship to these stones and the history and knowledge they carry. 


This work explores the elements around us as foundational pieces of medicine to our everyday life. Through the years I have photographed these elements in different ways and the imagery for this series will be based on those photographs. In the rest of the series, I will continue transform layers of painstaking repetitive mark-making with Verithin Prismacolor pencils into 30″ x 30″ images of each element. The process serves as a meditation in the act of creation, while the final image serves as an exploration of the macro and micro and as a doorway to a deeper relationship with each element and the medicine it carries.

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