I create processes that cultivate self-reflection, enhance communication, culture, connection, and strengthen the agency, resilience, and wellness of individuals, communities, businesses, organizations, and educational institutions.

I support individuals in exploring how their culture, identities, world views, values, and intersectionality impact their communication and interpersonal relationships and shape their perspectives and lived experiences. I offer tools that allow for more value-aligned, thoughtful, mindful, and reflective approaches, addressing the wholeness of an experience and the individuals, communities, and cultures contained within it.

I am committed to addressing the ‘root of the root’. I provide opportunities for self-reflection, experiences that expand perceptions and identify patterns, and processes that support self-determination, connection, and values-based action.

Throughout my professional journey, I have led with deep curiosity as to how I may be in service to others in a way that is affordable, accessible, empowering, and that will positively impact the heart of a culture at its’ roots. Providing the space and skills for empowered communication, the practice of presence, trauma-informed and embodied somatic practices, restorative processes, circle work, and deep listening is the foundation I offer.

For more information about the clients and populations I have worked with and a brief summary of skills, please visit my Experience page. You may also see more detailed examples of my work on my LinkedIn Profile.