Pen & Ink Illustrations

Crescent Moon Waves

This piece was inspired by many evenings of watching the sunset on the West Coast while living in Southern California. 

New Dream: The Unbroken Rainbow

This piece was inspired by the story of the rainbow and ceremony of life, shared by my teacher from an Australian aboriginal Yuin elder. The teaching contained within this Yuin story speaks to the importance of learning to love yourself and treat yourself as sacred . . . learning to treat others in a sacred manner . . . learning about life and death . . . . . . learning about humility, generosity, courage, kindness . . . learning about what it means to be interconnected. To deeply understand the elements, the great teachers, and ceremony.

In Relation

This piece was inspired by teachings from many different indigenous cultures that speak to the relationship of each individual to the world around them – the perceived illusion of disconnection brought on by western civilization – and the true experience of knowing that one is always in relation to each and every creature, human, and element of this lifetime. Each moment is pregnant with the opportunity for remembering these connections.

Tree of Life

This piece was inspired by two different experiences – one of watching an image form in the wax of a candle during meditation one morning, and the other a car accident on a snowy morning that pushed me into the base of a large oak tree. Both experiences were precursors to large changes in my life and a reminder that Spirit will go to great lengths to make certain that one always has what they need and what is best for them.

Hummingbirds of the Night

This piece was inspired by a regular pair of visiting male hummingbirds when I was living in Southern California, and hummingbirds that visited my campsite in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. 

Between Heaven and Earth

Inspired by a tree at the edge of a forest where I once lived. I watched her through all of the seasons as I worked at my desk, and felt called to capture her dance between heaven and earth.

Corn Mother

This piece was inspired by teachings from the Nahautl and Huichol people. The stories of the Corn Mother carry the teachings of our relationship to the earth, our ability to nurture and sustain ourselves and those around us, and abundance. 

Dance of the Hummingbird

Inspired by the physical abilities of the hummingbird to move backward and forward and by stories from indigenous cultures of this bird’s ability to move across time. 

micron pen and ink/bristol paper

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