• Champlain College, MSc in Mediation & Applied Conflict Studies
  • Maryland Institute College of Art, BFA in Fibers & Textiles
  • Soliya Certification, Advanced Online Facilitation Training
  • Korn Ferry 360 Certification, Social-Emotional Competency
  • Still Harbor, Spiritual Direction
  • HubSpot Academy, Content Marketing Certification


I have worked with and learned from a dynamic range of individuals and communities over the past 20 years including spiritual and religious communities, educational and nonprofit organizations, queer and LGBTQIA+ communities, communities for post-abortion healing, and complementary healthcare professionals in these ways :

  • individuals seeking to shift their interpersonal relationships by changing how they communicate with themselves and those around them
  • communities seeking to rebuild connections after traumatic events
  • individuals navigating health challenges ranging from mental health disorders to reproductive wellness
  • identity-based peer groups wishing to deepen in connection and community
  • fledgling and established non-profit organizations seeking to build cultures of diversity, sustainability, resilience, and wellness
  • elementary through graduate-level public and private educational institutions
  • individuals learning and teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine all across the world committed to increasing access to affordable health and wellness tools
  • leaders wishing to deepen their capacity to navigate difficult conversations and build strong professional relationships and organizational cultures.

Skills Overview

In my work, I create processes that cultivate self-reflection, enhance communication, culture, connection, and strengthen the agency, resilience, and wellness of individuals, communities, businesses, organizations, and educational institutions. I support individuals in exploring how their culture, identities, world views, intersectionality, and values impact their communication and interpersonal relationships and shape their perspectives and lived experiences. I offer tools that allow for more value-aligned, thoughtful, mindful, and reflective approaches, addressing the wholeness of an experience and the individuals, communities, and cultures contained within it. Some examples include:

  • Lead virtual trainings of in-person facilitation techniques for those working within the reproductive justice movement and in other social justice movements; facilitate identity-based peer listening sessions ; train volunteers in structure, process, and skills to support peer listening sessions in communities across the country
  • Analyze and coach social-emotional intelligence skills to provide successful outcomes through stronger communication skills, development of key leadership skills, enhancement of organizational culture, support of employee improvement plans, positive intra-office relationship building, increased problem-solving capacity and shared language and skills that aid diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives.
  • Provide training that strengthens communication in active listening, bias awareness, values assessment, identity mapping, and exploration of worldviews; current work develops nuanced communication skills to support difficult conversations, unpacks white privilege, cultivates an anti-racist approach to communication and solutions, and allows for aligned and meaningful actions.
  • Facilitate the development of short and long-term initiatives including needs assessment, building consensus, cross-functional collaboration, policy development, project coordination, and strategic planning, enabling excellence in achieving goals; this work is a bridge between departments and leaders, fosters transparency, strengthens problem-solving abilities, and creates inclusive and safe spaces for collaboration.
  • Consult with Human Resources to create a more equitable, inclusive hiring process as it relates to resume reviews, interview questions, expansion of employee participation in interviews, feedback and decision-making processes, and identification of networks for recruiting.
  • Support People Operation functions through the implementation of wellness and resilience offerings that enhance relationship building, contribute to diversity, equity, and inclusion measures, and ensure a healthy organizational culture.

You may also see more detailed examples of my work on my LinkedIn Profile.